BDLD CIC | First Floor | 85 Great Portland Street | London W1W 7LT | Registered Company Number 11120713 

Examples of Courses Delivered

We offer a range of training, from external courses such as Mental Health First Aid to bespoke workshops that can last between two hours and two days. Examples include: Mental Health First Aid (6 different versions). STEPS Towards Suicide Reduction (accredited and unaccredited). STEPS Suicide Awareness (accredited and unaccredited). An Introduction to Motivational Interviewing. The Art of Disclosure. Stress Awareness  and Management.

Quality Guaranteed

Unlike so many training companies, you know who you’re getting when you use BDLD. We will agree which of us is delivering your training and - bar any last minute crisis, that’s who you’ll get. We have a tiny team of associates, but we use them to complement, not gap-fill, what we do.


We can deliver both face-to-face and remotely. For longer programmes, we can even deliver a hybrid of the two.


We use technology to support learning - from Wooclap for interactive sessions to GiraffePad for hosting the event and resources all in one place.


We will liaise with you to adapt our courses around your bespoke needs. Even standardised programmes like MHFA can be customised by adding bespoke sessions at the end - for example, we’ve delivered MHFA for Commissioners and MHFA for Men.


Need a course that we haven’t already developed? We can turn around content creation in as little as 24 hours.


We have a great relationship with our partners, LearnBox. If you require standalone courses, or filmed content to enrich a live course, we can rapidly set up in a studio and create the best filmed content on the market!

Value for Money

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, our pricing is based on costs, not profit. You’ll find that we compare very favourably with other corporate training providers
Face-to-face or remote. Accredited or unaccredited. Bespoke to your needs. Remote recording available. Professionally filmed options.